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GTA V finally got a release date for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC today, which will do justice for a game that wasn't at all bad on eight year old hardware, but... you could tell that it deserved better. But it's not the only game getting this sort of treatment: Minecraft, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, The Last of Us, and (out of left field), there's even a double-whammy remaster of the Metro series. The last one got me thinking: with the new hardware, what other games do you guys want/think deserves a re-release on the Xbox One and PS4? I personally think the Bioshock series deserves to look better (despite my views on Infinite), but I wouldn't mind at all seeing the Batman: Arkham series get a facelift, since the graphics (NOT the aesthetics) are my only real qualm with the series. But enough about my hopes and dreams, what about you guys? What does TAY want to play again, but with a prettier face?


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