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The High Guardian Spice Backlash is Bullshit

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Stop me if you heard of this one before: a cutesy animated series is announced, people get just a look at it, and it’s declared to be a cancer that must be cancelled immediately.


“Guys, it’s just a goddamn cartoon.” When it was Teen Titans Go! years ago, when it was Thundercats Roar back in May, and just last week... that thought rang out loud and clear in my head. It should be all that needs to be said, but the fucking controversy over animation that looks a certain way keeps coming back, again and again. And it always masks itself under some sort of “legitimate” pretense: “it’s ruining the reputation of what came before it!”, or for this one “we’re actually complaining about the state of Crunchyroll!” Really? You’re choosing now to air your grievances with a streaming service? Not in any of the past years the same problems existed, but right now??? A cutesy cartoon is really where you’re choosing to make your stand?

The first youtube hits for “high guardian spice” include “the new crunchyroll disaster that has fans pissed”, “I cancelled crunchyroll because of high guardian spice (kind of)“ (five bucks it’s because you’ll come crawling back, or you’ll go to VRV), “muh diversity”... jesus, whenever any of you guys complain about anime being unimaginative nowadays, it’s like watching a pot complain about a kettle. You complain about a show not “looking like an anime”, but not when Devilman Crybaby came out back in January. You complain about a streaming service creating its own content, but not when Netflix starting making its own stuff years ago. You complain about Crunchyroll’s streaming issues, even though there are a ton of good workarounds like watching shows on anything besides a PC, or using VRV instead. You complain about a crew that’s mainly comprised of women, which... actually, that just makes you an asshole.


If you’re going to honestly judge a show, give it the decency it deserves by waiting until it actually comes out. If you’re just an unpleasant, unimaginative prick, have the decency to be upfront about it, instead of hiding behind “reasons.”

High Guardian Spice is set to release in 2019, along with a slew of other original content made by Ellation, and to be released on Crunchyroll.

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