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Games, Comic Books, Anime... and Whatever The Author Feels Like.
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Hello, and welcome to Wednesday game night, something I've both never done and never hosted before! Tonight is Minecraft night, and while all platforms that run the game are welcome, I'll personally be hosting the Xbox 360 version of the game, since we've never really had a Minecraft game night for some odd reason, no one else came up to host for tonight for any of the platforms (weirdly), and I've been working on a TAY world for a few days now (still need LOTS of yellow wool for the logo I'm making, so that's my top priority...). My Gamertag is Aventador SV, and here is the TAY gaming ID spreadsheet, so that you can find other TAYers to game with!


(yeah, I don't quite know how to link stuff without using the full web address. What of it?) Tonight's game (on the Xbox at least) will start at the usual 9PM EST (that's 6PM for us West Coasters), although I'll be on my Xbox a full hour earlier than that if anyone wants to join in early and help me build a glorious TAY logo, a Nether Portal, a minecart track that extends into the next time zone, etc... Be there, and be square!... or rectangular... or any other shape with 90 degree angles...

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